For industry

Industrialsilnik metrology  is one of the most demanding sector in production. Needs to give referential and reliable results.

SMARTTECH creates devices dedicated to customers specific requirements,

offering dedicated measurement volumes, strictly connected to measurement accuracy  and detector with low 1,3 Mpix to the highest available on the market 24 Mpix.

Every product in our offer is a result of market demand and expectations of measurement features and budget.

Therefore for industry we offer:

 ROBOrobo2TIZED – is a modern non-contact version of the coordinate measuring machine which allows efficient measurements of the objects with complex shapes, automatic test reports, and above all, giving the ability to quickly control 100% of the measured surface.


MICRON3D– Thanks to modern technological solutions like green LED light and corbon cover. Scanner can be used easily away from measurement laboratory. MICRON3D  is referential measurement device calibrated according to VDI/VDE 2634 standards and it’s accuracy can be additionally approved by independentd accredited measurement laboratory.

dualscan3D DUAL VOLUME– it is a new generation of 3D scanners. The 3D scanner has two independent measurement volumes and two detectors at the highest resolution on the market. Large volume is dedicated to the measurement of large objects, which don’t need high- resolutions. Small volume enables reproduction of even the most precise details of the objects in high-resolution mode.

qualifyscan3D qualify – 3D Scanner integrated with Geomagic Control software

surfacescan3D surface – 3D scanner integrated with Geomagic Studio software

universescan3D UNIVERSE – Universal, mobile 3D scanner connecting precise
geometry measurement with real color capture of scanned object. The perfect tool for both innovative engineer, designer and archeologist.

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