Automotive Industry uses SMARTTECH 3D Scanner to build a supercar

3d scannerThe project of the first Polish supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, from the very beginning has been arousing strong emotions and hopes that the Polish automotive industry will come back to its past glory. The production of functioning prototypes that at the same time has to achieve the level of a sports car requires incredible precision and durability. This is when 3D scanner can be helpful.

Unlike most contemporary Polish automotive projects, Arrinera Hussarya is built from the ground up. All parts of the car body, engine and interior, despite the fact that they often use proven technologies, are redesigned to not only meet all the requirements but to also represent the aesthetics worthy of a supercar.

Redesigning a supercar is not only a very time-consuming but also an extremely costly process. The Arrinera engineers long searched for ways to accelerate the development and reduce the costs. They finally decided to use reverse engineering, which is the process of reconstructing the technical documentation of an existing element in order to re-design it.

3D Scanning Application in Automotive Industry

3d scanner

By implementing a professional SMARTTECH 3D scanner, the engineers working on the supercar gained the ability to quickly obtain comprehensive information about the geometry of the car parts. An excellent example of the capabilities of the 3D scanning technology is the process of designing and manufacturing a clutch housing.

It is no secret that a sports clutch is subjected to completely different pressures than a normal clutch working in a standard car. An 810 Nm torque requires the use of not only a reliable but also lightweight clutch design. The 3D scanner made it possible to obtain the technical documentation of a housing already present on the market and redesigning it in the CAD software in order to install the mounts fitted to the vehicle’s structure. Please check the case study below.

Reverse engineering: reducing production costs
Optical measurement system: MICRON3D green
Software: SMARTTECH3Dmeasure
Industry: Automotive

Check the case study below

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