3D printing

Nowadays we can hear more and more about the possibilities brought by 3d printing.

Printers are becoming more perfect facing the bigger requirements imposed by this dynamic market.

At stake are not only the printing material and size but also the color and ideal shape mapping of the virtual object. For the first one we can say that is just in its infancy, so for the second; the shape is being reproduced with details up to decimals or even hundredths part of millimeter.

It’s the most important, especially in cases where shape is the most necessary like in automotive, military or aerospace application.

Form of the spoiler of the car, the blades to the rotor, or the smoothness of the barrel has a huge impact on the overall functioning of the device. You may find that even the smallest measurement error can write the whole project, not once worth millions, at a loss.

SMARTTECH aware of the pressure that rests on measuring devices, taking full responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of scanning devices.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we are always one step in front of the innovation and how to use 3D scanners.

As the only company in the market, we offer a scanner with a resolution of 18Mega pixel which provides the sharpest object even in the case of for example; tiniest pieces of jewelry where you have to reproduce the smallest details and the sharpest edges.

Thanks to the quality offered by modern 3D printer and our scanners. You have the opportunity not only to completely move any item to virtual world, but also go there to redesign it and print exactly as how it is desired.

With usage of 3d scanners and printers, we can not only greatly reduce the time devoted to work but also drastically cut down costs.

The output data from our software can be  *.stl file and *.obj file depending on your printing needs.

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