NEW, upgraded MICRON3D green 10Mpix – premiere on international TOOLEX 2015 fairs

New model was upgraded with advanced cooling system that protects the device from overheating in the most harsh conditions on production lines. For the most requiring customers; special shock monitoring system was implemented. It allows to monitor the conditions surrounding the 3D scanner.
Furthermore, thanks to new software to control the scanning head SMARTTECH3D measure, 3D scanner user gets unique possibility to work on visualized 200 000 000 point clouds without risk of computer crash.
Thanks to user friendly interface, point cloud can be intuitively post processed from noises and irrelevant groups.
New version of software allows  user to choose format of initial data (can be rough point cloud or already post processed STL.) directly from scanning head.

I am mostly impressed by the software, it’s something that till now was unreachable. It helps a lot – Jacek Prodarek (manufacturing engineer)

 New Micron3D is the only 3D scanning optical device which can work in our factory – Pawel Damian (glasswork manager)

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More about SMARTTECH on webpage.

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